A few other observations:

A cup from his 2017 PGA Championship win has prime cabinet location — center, bottom shelf.

Other golf is well represented, with at least seven Masters cups on the bottom shelf and one on the second. There is also a cup from the Tour Championship, and one from the Ryder Cup.

The Dufner cup is not the only friend cup. He’s got one for standing up in the April 14, 2018, wedding of fellow pro Smylie Kaufman. Thomas, Kaufman, Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth also once upon a time spring-breaked in Baker’s Bay in the Bahamas — and there’s a Baker’s cup, too.

The man knows his booze. There are three cups with the logo from Casamigos Tequila, which is owned by actor George Clooney, and five Moscow mule cups.

And Thomas did a fine job organizing. Glass on the bottom. Tumblers on the second-from-the-bottom shelf. Miscellaneous items — shot glasses, lids and a few extra cups — on the third level. Moscow mule cups on the top.

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