Scientists create the biggest 3D map of the universe ever – and find intriguing discoveries inside

Scientist shave created the most detailed three dimensional map of the universe ever.

The researchers hope that the map could eventually help tell us where the cosmos came from and where it is going, by giving us a better understanding of dark energy.

And they have already spotted intriguing details in the data: it is helping to reveal the secret of the most powerful lights in the universe.

“There is a lot of beauty to it,” said Berkeley Lab scientist Julien Guy.

“In the distribution of the galaxies in the 3D map, there are huge clusters, filaments, and voids. They’re the biggest structures in the universe. But within them, you find an imprint of the very early universe, and the history of its expansion since then.”

The map was made possible by the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument, or DESI. That has been working for seven months, and is only 10 per cent of the way through its mission – but it has already produced more detailed 3D data that any survey of the galaxy before.


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