Modern basketball, for all its in-game innovations, has also done wonders for the way we discuss the game. And there is perhaps no higher compliment now, outside of the grossly overused GOAT, than saying someone is “a bucket.”

Not that they get buckets — they are a bucket. Like, it is integral to their being. Hell, it is their being. Now, when someone transitions from the getting to becoming of buckets? That’s less clear. However, this is abundantly, painfully obvious: Duke sophomore Matthew Hurt is definitely a bucket.

Wednesday was just the latest example of that, but it was perhaps as impressive as anything Hurt has done all season. Now, yes, this came in an 84-60 win over Wake Forest, the team that’s won three ACC games and lost six straight in January. Oh, and also the team that saw first-year head coach Steve Forbes get tossed midway through the first half for … something. (Ah, the downside of at-home broadcasts.) Regardless,…



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