Even at 35 and with four MVPs under his belt, LeBron James is still making efforts to get better. One of the parts of his game he has been working on includes his free throws.

SI’s Melissa Rohlin wrote up a special about LeBron that was published on Friday. The main focus was on James’ mental game and his famous photographic memory. In the piece, Los Angeles Lakers assistant coach Jason Kidd gushed about James’ ridiculous basketball IQ. Kidd praised James for always trying to improve, and even cited recent changes James made to his free throw shooting.

“As you can see, his free throws right now, he’s gone back more closer to his high school free throw and he’s shooting over 80 percent since he’s done that,” Kidd said. “He’s always searching to get better and is there a way to fix something. And that was probably one of the things in his game that he needed to work on.”

James is only shooting 69.7 percent on his free throws this season, which is down from his career average of 73.5 percent. But James was shooting 75 percent on his free throws through five games in March. In the team’s March wins over the Bucks and Clippers, James went a combined 24/29 (82.7 percent).

Maybe James’ free throw shooting will continue to improve, maybe it won’t. But we do know that he is never satisfied with his game and always looking to get better. Here is the entire feature for you to read.



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