Kinnos wins New York Transit Tech Lab's COVID-19 response challenge –

Kinnos’ Highlight® for Bleach flagship product has won the Transit Innovation Partnership’s Transit Tech Lab’s COVID-19 Response Challenge, designed to enhance the safety and health of New York’s public transportation system.  

One of three winners selected, Highlight’s bleach colorant helps workers visualize and improve their disinfection efforts, then fades to clear in minutes. 

As an initial finalist, Highlight was trialed in Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ) bathrooms during cleaning. Through ATP bioluminescence monitoring, the trial found a 63 percent improvement in disinfection coverage when Highlight was dissolved into liquid bleach. Workers reported it easy to use and that it made their jobs easier. Kinnos will now enter a long-term pilot with PANYNJ to further confirm the abilities of its product to enhance staff performance and transit public safety. 

“Partnering with the Port Authority to validate Highlight’s ability to improve disinfection quality in a quantifiable way and adding to our growing body of scientific evidence has been a fantastic experience,” said Jason Kang, CEO of Kinnos. “We’re proud to add this validation for Highlight’s broad application potential and excited to be enhancing the health and safety of public transit. COVID-19 made us all more aware of surface disinfection, and we know Highlight can instill confidence that disinfection is done right.” 

“We are pleased to take part in the Transit Innovation Partnership’s Transit Tech Lab’s COVID-19 Response Challenge,” added Robert Galvin, chief technology officer, PANYNJ. “This challenge has inspired a great call to action among the tech sector to bring forth creative technology and solutions to address the ongoing challenges associated with the pandemic.” 

Kinnos is planning to launch additional disinfectant compatibilities in 2022, including quaternary ammonium and hydrogen peroxide disinfectants that are used widely in transit and healthcare. 


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