The women of ABC’s “The View” on Thursday went on a tear against Americans who voted for President Trump, with co-host Joy Behar saying they need to “look in the mirror” and “see what they did” to this country.

The panel was outraged at the level of support for Mr. Trump in the 2020 presidential election, when Democrats and pollsters had been anticipating a blue wave. Two days after Election Day and the outcome remains undecided, with five states still undeclared and Mr. Biden with 264 electoral votes and Mr. Trump with 214.

Ms. Behar agreed with co-host Sunny Hostin that voters picked Mr. Trump because of their own selfish intentions.

“A lot of people in this country need to have a come-to-Jesus moment and look in the mirror and see what they did,” Ms. Behar said. “Again, we don’t call people names but look in the mirror and say, ‘Did I vote because of my pocketbook and did I ignore the fact that children are being separated from their parents? Did I vote because I don’t want Black people moving into the suburbs and ignore the fact that Black people are always behind the eight ball in this country and can’t get a leg up because of my vote?’ People need to look in the mirror.”

Her comments came after Ms. Hostin suggested people who voted for Mr. Trump are “un-American.”

“This election showed us what the true character of many Americans is,” Ms. Hostin said. “And again, I’m not saying that if you voted for Trump that you are a racist, that you are a homophobe, that you are a sexist, that you are against transgender rights. But what I will say is that if you voted for Trump, you then did look the other way at the fact that he is not allowing our transgender brothers and sisters from serving in the military … that he’s slandered women and he separated children from their families. If you voted for him, then all of those things are OK with you because of your own personal circumstance.”

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