One of the most famous people on the entire planet is getting involved with NASCAR in a major way, and that’s going to create a ripple effect that will boost NASCAR in more ways than we can fully grasp at the moment.

Michael Jordan — MICHAEL JORDAN — is becoming the principal owner of a Cup Series team. And the car he’ll own will be raced by Bubba Wallace, a driver who has become more well known outside the sport than anyone since Danica Patrick, Dale Earnhardt Jr. or Jeff Gordon.

You remember when Jordan hit “The Shot” in the 1989 NBA playoffs and did his leaping celebration move with the flying fist pump? I have a feeling that’s what NASCAR executives were doing in the hallways of their headquarters building after learning of this news.

Where MJ goes, people follow. His presence is going to attract new fans, new sponsors and new attention to a sport that has been in dire need of it for years now.

And make…



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