As queer people, we get to choose our own family. We get to surround ourselves with people that accept us as we are, without judgment — who act as our support systems year-round, who unselfishly help us in immeasurable ways, through both the good and the bad. So when the opportunity arises to show these people how much we really appreciate their presence in our lives, the pressure is always on to impress. In matters of gift-giving, the thought counts only as much as the happiness your present provides, which can turn the gift selection process into a challenge. You want to be personal but also practical; you want to give them something that they’ll like, but also something that they would probably never buy for themselves. Most importantly, you want to get them something that they’ll actually treasure in the long term.

Which is why this holiday season, them., in partnership with Lightbox Jewelry, whose lab-grown diamonds are just as sparkly as they are affordable, has assembled a gift guide to help you on your journey to find the perfect present for anyone in your chosen family. Does the recipient like movies? Do they wear a lot of jewelry? Do they like to drink cocktails? Our list, which features items at all price points and includes gifts from queer-owned companies, has something for everyone, no matter how they identify — whether you’re shopping for a frequent traveler, a diehard fashionista, an aspiring bartender, or a sophisticated cinephile. So if there is someone special in your life — a romantic partner, a best friend, a close family member, or just someone you want to show that you care — allow us to suggest some potential gifts. Happy shopping!

Boy Smells Chrome Bundle ($125)

What does a color smell like? For their latest collection (Chromethesia Series 2), the queer-owned candle company Boy Smells has sought to answer this question. Using a combination of fragrances, natural oils, coconut wax, and beeswax, the co-owners (and real-life partners) Matthew Herman and David Kien have developed four scented candles, each inspired by a different color. With the Chrome Bundle, you can try all four — which include pink (Cameo), red (Damasque), blue (De Nimes), and purple (Philia). So whether you are in the mood for the calming scent of crystallized ginger and tuberose (Cameo) or the fruity tingle of almond, rhubarb, and blueberry (De Nimes), Boy Smells has you covered.



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