With the practice of social distancing in effect for much of the country, filling time in creative ways at home is the newest social fad. Some of our favorites are practicing your golf game with simple drills or watching some of golf’s classic movies.

But if you feel like you’ve exhausted your normal reserve of at-home go-to options, head over to YouTube for some gems from the golf space. Here are three things to watch this weekend.

1992 Putt-Putt Skins Challenge

If you think mini golf is just a silly game for a family outing or a first date, you’re wrong. Mini golf is serious business.

Kick back and watch the television coverage from the 1992 Putt Putt Skins Challenge in Augusta, Ga. With $18,000 on the line, stakes were high and the competition was fierce. Longtime CBS college basketball analyst Billy Packer called the action and you even get a glimpse of some incredible early-90s Putt Putt visors. Just electric.



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