Automakers embrace software to unlock functionality long after a new vehicle leaves the lot

The ability to add a feature post-purchase can help alleviate buyer remorse, Porsche Cars North America CEO Kjell Gruner told journalists via videoconference Thursday.

It’s a benefit “when you wake up three months after you bought the car and say, ‘Hey, I want to have this or that feature,’ ” Gruner said. “We think it adds more convenience over time.”

Adding features on demand can also future-proof a vehicle and lift resale values.

Functions on Demand, for instance, allows buyers of pre-owned Porsches to exercise an option to personalize the vehicle, the automaker said.

“Maybe the first buyer made an error when they configured the car,” Gruner added. “Or the second owner might have a different idea of what he or she wants to have in their car.”


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