Finally, they played “Kiss On My List.”

It was the second encore for Daryl Hall and John Oates at Madison Square Garden. I’d never seen them live in concert until last year, when some of my college friends — Kris and Steph, Lisa and George — and I met up from various locales along the East Coast to catch them in New York City. It was a mini-reunion of sorts, a gathering of folks who were a little older now, a little gray along the temples, maybe, but who remembered being young and able to do whatever you wanted, within reason, without too much consequence. It was quite a time, the time of H&O, in the 1980s. It was our time.

So sitting in Section 116, Row 7, singing along and laughing and dancing in the aisles, was a wonderful night. At this stage of my life, I’m determined to enjoy things more, to work hard, but not to the point of exhaustion.



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