Yellowstone flooding – live: 10,000 evacuated as rescuers plan to reach backpackers still in deluged park

Flooding washes out roads in Yellowstone National Park

More than 10,000 people have been evacuated from Yellowstone National Park, as dangerous flood waters have knocked out bridges and roads, as well as causing mud slides.

Heavy rains and snow melt caused the Yellowstone River to jump its banks, prompting widespread destruction and toppling riverside properties.

All five entrances to the park, which gets hundreds of thousands of visitors a year, have been closed to visitors for the first time in 34 years.

All visitors aside from a single group of backpackers have left the park, according to officials. Emergency crews are prepared to potentially rescue the group.

The north entrance of the park is expected to be closed all summer as officials seek to repair damaged infrastructure.


What caused Yellowstone to shut down?

A series of “unprecedented” rainstorms have created chaos inside Yellowstone National Park, which closed its gates to visitors on Monday.

The severe weather caused mudslides, with multiple roads being rendered impassible, and a bridge getting destroyed.

“Our first priority has been to evacuate the northern section of the park where we have multiple road and bridge failures, mudslides and others issues,” park superintendent Cam Sholly said in a statement.

Guests already inside the park have been evacuated, and no return date has been announced.

Catch up on the latest with our report on what’s going on inside the park.

Josh Marcus15 June 2022 00:06


Yellowstone: One group of backpackers remain after record deluge sparks scramble to evacuate 10,000

All visitors except a group of backpackers have now been evacuated after Yellowstone National Park was hit by a record deluge, according to officials.

Tourists to the world-famous park were asked to get out after roads and bridges were washed out as “unprecedented” flooding devastated areas of southern Montana.

Superintendent Cam Sholly told reporters that just one group of campers now remains in the park’s backcountry as officials take stock of the scope of damage that has been done.

Graeme Massie has the details on this breaking news story.

Josh Marcus15 June 2022 00:04


Disaster strikes Yellowstone

Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the ongoing flooding in Yellowstone National Park.

Stick with The Independent for the latest news and updates on the critical situation.

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