Quarterbacks are like lunch plans: If you have two then you don’t actually have one. As of right now the Redskins don’t know where they are going to eat this fall.

Case Keenum was acquired in a trade with the Denver Broncos because he was cheap and has starting experience. But at 31 and entering his seventh season, the former American Athletic Conference star has only posted one strong campaign as a starter.

Colt McCoy has been in D.C. for five years, spending most of his time as a backup. But head coach Jay Gruden likes McCoy’s moxy and his confident demeanor, which has made him one of the more popular players in the Redskins’ locker room. Yet he’s struggled when he has played extensively and he has been extremely injury prone.

The two journeymen will compete for the chance to lead Washington’s offense this fall. But this is not Sonny vs. Billy or even Robert vs. Kirk. This is a quarterback conundrum more than it is a…



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