Take Tatcha, for example — the Rice Wash was one of the brand’s most successful launches this year, though Henry explains that wasn’t the company’s sole objective. “It’s really about wrapping [the product] up in an experience that brings the brand to life and really is relevant for your audience.” In order for these collaborations to feel genuine going forward (and there will likely be more in the future), connecting with consumers and understanding the community first is important, Henry notes.

There is an evident link between the beauty industry and virtual games like The Sims 4 and Animal Crossing: They give users a chance to experiment. As Henry explains, “Both are about exploration, self-expression, discovery and most importantly, having fun and feeling good, confident, and comfortable in your own skin.” Or you can step into a new one. 

Making your avatar look exactly like you — psoriasis and all —  is possible, but you can also embody an entirely new persona. As Henry notes, games like Animal Crossing act as something of a “great equalizer,” providing access to products and places people might not otherwise be able to afford. It’s a digitized safe and empowering space for people to express themselves. “Gaming is a virtual customizable world similar to beauty where you can escape into your own personal, approachable armor,” Jennings says. “Both worlds can help you live your best authentic life.” Which, if you so please, can include a red lip, tiny heart-shaped tattoos, and a visit to a bamboo meditation forest.

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