Next weekend marks International Women’s Day, when countries all over the globe celebrate the achievements of women.

First celebrated more than a century ago in 1911, International Women’s Day is an opportunity to challenge stereotypes and channel efforts towards gender equality.

Each year organisers choose a new theme as a banner under which they can unify the direction of everyone’ efforts, and help raise awareness. 

Here’s what you need to know…

At least 1.4 billion women are living in countries which ranked “very poor” on the index (Getty Images)

When is International Women’s Day 2020? 

This year, International Women’s Day falls on Sunday, March 8 – so you have more than a week to wait until the big day.

What is the theme this year?

This year’s campaign theme is #EachforEqual, so think about the race towards gender equality while smashing stereotypes along the way.

Organisers say: “An equal world is an enabled world.

“Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions – all day, every day.

“We can actively choose to challenge stereotypes, fight bias, broaden perceptions, improve situations and celebrate women’s achievements.

“Collectively, each one of us can help create a gender equal world.”

Basically, #EachforEqual is all about what IWD calls “Collective Individualism”, which means together we can help great a more gender equal world.

Gender equality, it says, is essential for economies and communities to thrive, and that and an equal world is more healthy, wealthy and harmonious.

Organisers add: “The race is on for the gender equal boardroom, a gender equal government, gender equal media coverage, gender equal workplaces, gender equal sports coverage, more gender equality in health and wealth so let’s make it happen.”

How to get involved in International Women’s Day

The campaign doesn’t end on IWD – instead, it runs throughout the entire year.

One way to show you’re getting involved this year is by sharing the hashtags #IWD2020 and #EachforEqual online, along with an inspiring message and a photo of you in a “hands out” pose for a “strong, call to action for others to support #EachforEqual.” 

There are any number of ways you can get involved, including attending events and activities.

There’s a whole host of events on in London for IWD, including concerts at the Royal College of Music, a Women in the City Evening, The Bechdel Sound Test Weekender Launch Party and the Women in Focus Festival.

Here are some of the events taking place in London for IWD. Find more events here.

International Women’s Day at the Royal College of Music

IWD is being celebrated by a fantastic roster of female composers, including RCM alumnae, with concerts, talks and networking all on the table.

Many tickets for RCM events are free, and others start from £5. Find out more here.

Rise together empowerment walk

Rising Girl is hosting a walk around central London to celebrate the women who have made history. The walk is around 5km long and will last up to 90 minutes.

Registration costs £15. Find out more here.

IBike London Ride

Being billed as a “ride to celebrate women”, it starts outside the National Theatre on Southbank and all abilities are welcome. There will be snack stops, but bringing your own food is encouraged.

The ride is free. Find out more here.



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