Now that the trade deadline is a mere memory and Stephon Gilmore is still on the roster, it’s time for the Patriots to formulate an offseason plan for their two best cornerbacks.

Gilmore’s contract will be addressed, which has been on the docket for some time. They’ll also have to figure out the best strategy for restricted free agent J.C. Jackson.

Both could be part of the Patriots’ future plans, or either could be used as a chip to net a quality draft pick. That wide range of possibilities will require a suitable course of action to maximize their value to the team.

While Gilmore’s name has come up in trade conversations dating back to the offseason, it doesn’t sound like the Patriots ever got an offer that was worth considering — not then or this week. Now, the Patriots have to assess whether Gilmore remains in their long-term plans or whether they’d prefer to be more proactive in moving him before the…



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