If you are around a team during training camp and the preseason, things start to get a little repetitive. There are developments that can change the narrative, but in general, the things that cause that change — practices, scrimmages, preseason games — have little long-term meaning. There are plenty of reporters that can make their one or two trips to visit a team, but there are a finite number of questions of general interest. You start to hear the same ones over and over and over again.

A recent popular one: What did the Toronto Raptors learn from Kawhi Leonard? It can be asked to OG Anunoby, who will fill the role of silent starting small forward that Leonard vacated when he left for Los Angeles. It can be asked to Pascal Siakam, who is expected to make up for a lot of the scoring load that Leonard carried last year. It can even be asked to Nick Nurse, whose initial NBA head coaching experience was informed by working with Leonard, and watching as he set a tone of…



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