The system for organizing doubles teams is already online, where teams can register for $30. With the appropriate number of 9-hole doubles rounds, teams will establish a DoublesGolf Index. Teams can also establish a temporary index if they both have individual USGA Handicap Indexes. All of it combines for a true rating system by which inter-club matches and tournaments can be played.

“A number of our PGA Sections will be providing Doubles Golf programming through our PGA professionals and their facilities in this roll-out year,” Waugh said in a press release. “We see exceptional opportunity to keep players of all ages, abilities and walks of life, in the game longer, and bring new recreational players into the game, through Doubles Golf.”

The most intriguing event on the schedule right now is the United States Doubles Golf Am Championships, which will be hosted at The Bear’s Club in Jupiter, Fla., later this year. That includes men’s, women’s and even mixed doubles, like in tennis. Once enough doubles teams are registered across the world, organizers will establish an online system for Doubles Golf Leagues.

For more on the newly formed Doubles Golf, check out their website here.

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