Dr. Martens is known for collaborating with leading brands of varying scales, tapping into subcultures and cultures from around the world, and so, they’ve done it again with cult Japanese street sandal brand, Suicoke.

The capsule line consists of two Suicoke sandal styles, the DEPA and the BOAK that both don the contemporary street appeal for which Suicoke has become renown. This time though, the two silhouettes have been reworked to incorporate DM’s signature Lorsan outsole, trademark heel tab, and yellow stitching.

It’s a natural coming together for the brands, as when it comes to the production process, both labels share a commitment to innovative production, with an acute attention to detail. They share an ethos too, with Suicoke’s continually evolving styles that align with the rebellious self-expression of Dr. Martens.

“Dr. Martens and Suicoke share a mutual understanding and unique approach to design that consistently challenges creative development — utilizing only the highest quality materials.” Suicoke

Darren McKoy, the Global Category Director of Dr. Martens tells us more about the new line.

Felicity Carter: How did the collaboration come about?

Darren McKoy: We have always had admiration and respect for Suicoke – particularly with their constant drive to innovate and elevate seasonality through transitional footwear like sandals. The brand affinity coupled with our strong foundation in sandals, led us to connect and work together on a project to disrupt and bring a rebellious collaboration to life.  

FC: How does Suicoke play into the Dr. Marten’s aesthetic?

DM: We had an initial meeting in Japan over 2 years ago to discuss the very essence of both brands DNA and approach. It all ultimately boiled down to a desire to innovate & authentically collide worlds from our brands’ respective DNA. 

FC: Tell us about the capsule line…

DM: Sandals are a part of Dr. Martens DNA. While it may seem like a simple formula on the outside, we have carefully collided the two worlds of Dr. Martens and Suicoke by taking iconic ques from both brands. From our signature yellow welting stitch and heel loop, to Suicoke’s classic Boak & Depa upper silhouettes, we worked to combine elements of both brands. We’ve never carried out a collaboration of this nature, so we wanted to take this opportunity to create a new lane in which two footwear brands could bring a fresh point of view to the market.  

FC: What inspired the line? 

DM: The real inspiration behind the collection came out of a mutual respect for footwear design and construction. While ultimately Dr. Martens and Suicoke’s aesthetics may seem at-odds, our brands’ commitments to creating product with consumers front of mind really led the way, resulting in a product that is both visually striking and excellently crafted. 

FC: What’s in the pipeline for Dr. Marten’s for the rest of the year?

DM: The rest of the 2021 is full of surprises in terms of our in-line collections and collaborations. However, this year in particular is special to the brand, as it marks the 60th Anniversary of our Iconic 1461 shoe. Consumers can expect to see new stories and special projects through the lens of our classic 3 eye shoe, which we’re very excited to share over the course of the year. 

The Dr. Martens x Suicoke collaboration is now available in a full range of adult sizing and retail from $210.00 to $220.00 in select Dr. Martens stores and on drmartens.com.



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