Watch | Meet Iraq’s amputee football team

These are the members of an all-amputee football team in Iraq . It was founded by Mohamed al-Najjar in August 2021. 

Since childhood, Najjar dreamt of becoming a goalkeeper. But his right leg was amputated after he was wounded in 2016 while fighting against the Islamic State 

His team consists of players who have lost arms or legs in Iraq’s many years of war and turmoil. 

Now, the team has around 30 players. And they have qualified for the Amputee Football World Cup to be held in Turkey in late 2022 

With the help of crutches, these players warm up by sprinting in the green jersey of the national team. Later, they practise penalty kicks 

In the official competition, matches are played in teams of seven on fields measuring 60 by 40 meters 

The goal posts are two meters high and five meters wide — smaller than the 2.4 by 7.3 meter goal posts used in traditional football 

What obstacles do the players face? 


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