Today in “random sh*t you can buy on Amazon” news, I just discovered that the online retailer is selling a mini succulent planter designed to look like a toilet, of all things. Necessary? Definitely not. Still kind of tempting to buy regardless? Absolutely.

The weirdly wonderful planter is tiny, measuring just under 12 centimeters tall, which is likely the main reason I think it’s — dare I say it? — pretty darn cute. Now available on Amazon for $10, the ceramic pot comes equipped with a draining hole at the bottom to ensure your baby plant doesn’t get overwatered. Shop the miniature piece of bathroom decor below, if you so please.

Buy It Here: Mini Toilet Succulent Planter Pot ($10)

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Amazon Is Selling Mini Toilet-Shaped Succulent Planters

Mini Toilet Succulent Planter Pot

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