Vulnerability support service adheres to all ethical and clinical standards | Letter

What our vulnerability support service (VSS) does is not the “securitisation” of mental health provision but the “clinicalisation” of preventive counter-terrorism work (Mental health tests in the presence of counter-terror units ‘unethical’, says charity, 19 May).

With mental health issues prevalent within Prevent casework, we believe individuals with mental health needs who are identified via a Prevent referral have the same right to access help and support as individuals who are identified by GPs or schools.

As with all health/policing partnerships, the VSS respects and upholds these rights and safeguards are in place; it adheres to all existing ethical and clinical standards set by NHS England, the Department for Health and Social Care, and regulatory bodies.

So it is disappointing, to say the least, that this work is reported as an “unethical” civil liberties-breaching revelation. The research by the charity Medact referred to in your article is biased and only serves to undermine public trust in our work to encourage those with concerns about someone they know to come forward, before it is too late.
Ch Supt Nik Adams
National Prevent coordinator
Dr Nicki Fowler
Clinical lead, VSS


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