Vktry Gear: The world's first carbon fiber performance insoles

Vktry Gear makes insoles for your shoes, but they are not just any insoles. Vktry makes sport-specific insoles tailored to your feet. The company offers two styles of insoles at two different price points, making Vktry fit every athlete’s foot and budget.

Vktry offers a Gold and Silver style of the insole. The Gold design is Vktry’s flagship model made from 100% aerospace carbon fiber for serious athletes. The Gold model aids in maximum improvement in performance to help the athlete swing faster, hit farther, run faster and jump higher. These are made from proprietary polyurethane foam with a cloth top cover.

Vktry Gold Insoles- $199. (Vktry Gear)

To get custom fitted for the insoles, Vktry asks for your sport, size, weight and age. This ensures a proper fit and sport-specific design. Vktry Insoles are designed to return energy to increase athletic explosiveness. The Vktry Insole does not add energy, it reduces your lost energy. Many medical experts recommend Vktry insoles for help in recovering from injuries such as turf toe, plantar fasciitis, shin splints and several other foot and lower leg injuries.

The Silver Vktry Insole comes at a lower price and is made for the casual athlete. It provides moderate protection and performance enhancement. The silver sole has an EVA Polymer Foam cloud cushion and is made from carbon fiber composite.

“They promised speed … I’m all about speed. Easy speed. Why not add a bit of speed for no extra effort? Sure enough, I’ve broken my personal best a couple of times since I started using them, but there’s an added bonus … they help with recovery,” said Padraig Harrington, three-time major winner and Europe 2021 Ryder Cup Captain.

“I had been suffering a lot with fatigue and soreness in my ankles and knees. Since I started to wear Vktry, it’s gone away completely. Nice added bonus there to the speed, I’d say.”

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