VisitEngland, Tourism Northern Ireland, VisitScotland and Visit Wales have joined together in launching an advisory campaign to counsel UK businesses in implementing their COVID-19 Risk Assessment status.

Called “We’re Good To Go,” this travel industry campaign provides requirements for tourism and hospitality businesses showing that they can prove their implementation of governmental and public health guidances relating to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Created in partnership among these four UK tourism boards, “We’re Good To Go” is open to businesses in these two sectors. including accommodations, public attractions, restaurants and pubs, business conference and events venues and tour and coach operators.

“Tourism businesses across the UK are assessed according to their respective national guidance, including the social distancing and cleanliness protocols, that must be in place,” said Patricia Yates, director of VisitBritain.

For example in England, businesses must align with the UK Government’s official guidance for the sector, including the following of the mandate, “Working Safely during COVID-19: Visitor Economy,” along with guidance from Public Health England.

Here is how “We’re Good To Go” certification works. Upon applying successfully to the program, businesses are sent a secured weblink to download the certification, which consists of a consumer mark for display onsite and online. The recipients are also sent a toolkit for informing customers how they can properly accommodate them in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Yates, the online self-assessment takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete; applications first select their UK country of origin and go on to create an registered account. If a business belongs to an industry that has been working with the UK tourism boards on “We’re Good To Go,” they will have less questions to complete. However, they must verify their industry membership within 24 hours.

Businesses that successfully complete the self-assignment are permitted to display signage of their “We’re Good To Go” certification and share the news via their website and social media handles. They will continue to hear news of updates or adjustments to governmental protocols as well.

“An alert system ensures that businesses signed up to the standard are notified of any changes to the official guidance,” explained Yates.

As of June 30, four days after the program’s launch, more than 11,000 businesses have registered to obtain “We’re Good To Go” certification. Learn more about the program here.



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