Surveillance indicators suggest that at a national level Covid-19 activity increased in week [ending 13 June]

Case rates per 100,000 have increased in all age groups, ethnic groups and regions.

The number of acute respiratory infection incidents (suspected outbreaks) in England was 327 in week 23, compared with 287 in the previous week.

Case rates continue to be highest in those aged 20 to 29, with a case rate of 195.9 per 100,000 population.

The lowest case rates were in those aged 80 and above, with a rate of 9.6 per 100,000 population.

Case rates per 100,000 have increased across all regions

Case rates per 100,000 remain highest in the north west at 196.9.

Case rates per 100,000 are lowest in the east of England, with a rate of 37.0.

Seroprevalence data indicates around 79.1% of the population have antibodies to SarsARS-CoV-2 from either infection or vaccination, compared withto 14.8% from infection alone.

The hospital admission rate for Covid-19 has risen – it was 1.48 per 100,000 in week 23, compared withto 1.13 per 100,000 in the previous week.

Hospital admission rates for Covid-19 are highest in the north-west, with a rate of 2.62.

The highest hospital admission rates continue to be those aged 85 and above.



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