Two More Black Trans Women Have Been Killed in 2021

Naira’s sibling, Martell Murray, referred to her murder as a “tragic incident” and expressed a belief that this could be an anti-trans hate crime in the description for a GoFundMe for Naira’s funeral costs. He also shared that Naira, who was also known as B, was a full time home health care aide and a graduate of the Beaver Falls Beauty Academy.

On her Facebook, Naira shared photos of her culinary creations, including peach cobbler bites and caramel apple egg rolls. In a 2018 post, she also shared that she’d like to be reincarnated as a unicorn.

“B was a great person and loved everyone,” Murray wrote. “She had a big heart and would do anything for her family and friends.”

Naira’s friend Kia Reddick told local CBS affiliate KDKA 2 that the first word that came to mind regarding her late friend was “fabulous.”

“[She] loved to dance, [she] was a singer, but that wasn’t [her] strong suit, but [she] loved to do hair, nails,” Reddick said. “She was just a fashionista.”

At 48 instances of fatal anti-trans violence recorded this year, 2021 is the most deadly year on record for the trans community in America. As PGH Lesbian notes, all but five of those victims have been BIPOC, with 33 being specifically Black. Even so, the delay in recording Johnson and Naira’s murders as anti-trans ones demonstrates that there are likely many more out there who may never be identified as victims of anti-trans violence, whether through police, family, or media misgendering them, through a lack of investigation, or any of the myriad reasons why such a murder might not be officially recorded.

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