Like the vast majority of the site’s users, Chrissy Teigen appears to have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. 

After announcing that she was leaving the platform less than a month ago, citing mean comments and unrelenting criticism, Teigen suddenly reappeared on the platform, ready to log back on and “take the bad with the good.” 

On Twitter, Teigen has proved to be a surprisingly divisive figure, with a massive following of fans hanging on to her every word, and just as many critics who enjoy poking fun at Teigen’s attempts to appear relatable and down-to-earth, despite being an obscenely wealthy celebrity. 

Hence, Teigen’s fans rejoiced at her return, while her critics took the opportunity to tell jokes, and mock her inability to stay away from Twitter: 

Teigen has been heavily criticized in the past for making several tone-deaf tweets, such as allegedly making several inappropriate, James Gunn-esque jokes about the show Toddlers and Tiaras, which led to a flood of targeted harassment from QAnon cultists.

In response, Teigen claimed to have blocked one million Twitter users, deleted 60,000 of her own tweets, and temporarily made her account private, until the harassment died down.

But it isn’t just conspiracy theorists who love to criticize Teigen; Twitter users who take issue with Teigen regularly flaunting her wealth privilege have accused her of being tone-deaf and obnoxious. 

Teigen has previously joked about her mother treating Apple AirPods as though they are disposable, made insensitive comments about her house servants, and once posted a photo of her nurse dressed as a medieval plague doctor.

Amusingly, she also tweeted about enjoying the film Parasite, seemingly without a trace of irony (the film depicts the wealthy as spoiled, sheltered narcissists, oblivious and indifferent to the suffering of the working class). 

Of course, there are infinitely worse people on Twitter than Chrissy Teigen; the world is filled with ghoulish wealthy people who abuse their power, and deserve every ounce of criticism they receive. 

Now, Teigen isn’t exactly Jeff Bezos – but she desperately tries to be relatable during a time of staggering wealth inequality, poverty and hardship.

Hence, posting photos of your personal nurse dressed as a plague doctor might be intended as harmless fun, but serves as a reminder of the gaping chasm between the average Twitter user, and a multi-millionaire. 

We’ll see how long Teigen lasts on Twitter; she might find herself attracting the same level of vitriol, and end up quitting again. The next time she makes her servants play dress up, however, she might be wise to keep it to herself.



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