Trump news – live: Judge tells DoJ to file redacted Mar-a-Lago raid affidavit ahead of unsealing decision

Bannon calls Pence a ‘disgusting coward’ for defence of FBI

A Florida judge has told the Department of Justice to file a redacted version of the affidavit that underpinned last week’s FBI search at Donald Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago in Florida.

Judge Bruce Reinhart, who signed the search warrant for the raid, says he is inclined to partially release the document as media organisations have requested. He will make a final decision next week after the redactions have been made.

The Justice Department has rebuffed demands to release the affidavit, warning that it could “chill” future efforts to secure witness cooperation, and argued that the investigation is still in its early days. Mr Trump has said he wants the affidavit to be released, but his legal team have taken no official steps to make it public.

Meanwhile, 18 members of the Trump administration have told CNN that Mr Trump’s claim to have put in place a “standing order” to automatically declassify government documents is completely untrue.


Giuliani: documents were “roughly as safe” at Mar-a-Lago as elsewhere

Rudy Giuliani last night appeared on right-wing pro-Trump network Newsmax to defend Donald Trump’s decision to take sensitive documents to Mar-a-Lago. In his interview, he questioned the relevance of the Espionage Act to the investigation – and claimed that there was no reason to worry about whether the documents would have been safe at the president’s Florida residence.

Mr Giuliani gave his interview the same day he testified to a grand jury probe into the Trump team’s efforts to overthrow Joe Biden’s election in Georgia. The former Trump lawyer is himself a target of the investigation.


Right-wing concern about Trump’s lawyers grows

Fox News host Laura Ingraham last night hosted Trump lawyer Christina Bobb on her show The Ingraham Angle, and it did not go well, with the host all but guiding Ms Bobb through the implications of not speaking up in yesterday’s affadavit hearing – and openly saying that the team are not pushing hard enough to protect their client.

Mr Trump has defended his lawyers against claims they are ill-equipped to handle the case, calling them “excellent and experienced”. Graig Graziosi has this rundown of the names spearheading the former president’s efforts in the wake of the raid.


Secret Service did not inform police of Jan 6 threat against Pelosi, watchdog claims

A watchdog group has said in a report that the Secret Service did not inform Capitol police about a threat against House speaker Nancy Pelosi until after the attack on 6 January last year.

According to email communication and documents obtained by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), the Secret Service was aware of threatening posts made on a Parler account as early as 4 January, but the Capitol police were only informed on 6 January at 5:55pm.

“January 6 starts [1776] all over again!! Fight for God! Fight for Your Freedom!! Fight for Your Children!! Fight for Trump!! Fight for America!! Fight for EVERYTHING… Enemies,” read one of the threatening posts, which tagged top Democrat leaders including Barack Obama.

The news of the message comes as the Secret Service comes under increased scrutiny over its action during the riots, and in particular its deletion of agents’ text messages from around the time of the insurrection.


Ex-Trump aides deny his claim he was allowed to declassify documents: ‘Ludicrous’

More than a dozen former Trump administration officials have shot down the former president’s claims that he had a “standing order” to declassify documents that he took to his White House residence from the Oval Office.

Donald Trump and his allies have claimed that the former president has a standing order stipulating that classified documents automatically became declassified when he removed them from the Oval Office in the days since the FBI searched his Florida residence for top-secret materials.


Pence would consider giving evidence before January 6 committee

Former vice president Mike Pence says he would consider giving evidence before the House January 6 select committee if he were to receive an invitation to appear before the panel.

The former vice president, who became a target of the pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol on the day Congress certified his and Donald Trump’s defeat at the hands of Joe Biden, was speaking at a “Politics and Eggs” breakfast event in New Hampshire on Wednesday when he was asked if he’d be willing to appear before the select committee.

Andrew Feinberg reports on the former vice president’s comments.


ICYMI: Trump supporters circle Florida courthouse in support of former president

Trump supporters were seen circling the courthouse in West Palm Beach in southern Florida where a US Magistrate Judge said he was “inclined” to rule that the Department of Justice should release some of the affidavit for the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago.

Members of the press also descended on the courthouse as they attempted to reveal the information that formed the basis for the search of former President Donald Trump’s home in the Sunshine State.

Trucks with Trump 2024 flags were seen driving around the building.

Gustaf Kilander has the story.


Liz Cheney says she’s ‘thinking about’ White House run

Liz Cheney has said that she’s “thinking about” a White House run, in her first interview after losing her primary to a Trump-backed opponent.

Gustaf Kilander reports on Ms Cheney has revealed so far about her plans.


Ivana Trump walked out on ex-husband’s inauguration because of bad seat, report says

Ivana Trump walked out on Donald Trump’s inauguration because she was horrified she had been assigned a “very bad seat”, according to a report. The former president’s late ex-wife was “in shock” at the seat she was given at the 2017 ceremony in Washington DC, says New York magazine.

Graeme Massie has the story.


Breathing room for Biden

President Joe Biden and his allies hope big recent wins on climate, health care and more will at least temporarily tamp down questions among top Democrats about whether he will run for reelection.

That optimism may be short-lived, at risk if and when former President Donald Trump announces another White House campaign. But for now, the “Will he or won’t he” Washington parlor game appears to be on hold.


18 ex-trump aides deny his claim he was allowed to declassify documents

Donald Trump and his allies’ claim that he had a “standing order” to declassify documents he took from the Oval Office is completely untrue, according to a large number of former White House officials interviewed by CNN.

The network reports that 18 former top Trump administration officials said they never heard any such order issued during their time working for Mr Trump, and that they believe the claim to be false.

The officials called it “complete fiction”, “ludicrous”, “ridiculous”, “laughable”, and “total nonsense” among other descriptions of the claim.


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