Trans Hamilton actor claims retaliation after requesting gender neutral dressing room

Suni Reid, a non-binary member of the Hamilton cast, has claimed that their contract was not renewed with the show after requesting a gender-neutral dressing room.

Reid, who has appeared in the Broadway, Chicago and Los Angeles productions of the musical, has filed an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint in LA.

Reid’s solicitor has released a statement saying: “Publicly, Hamilton is a beacon of diversity and appears committed to causes seeking social justice and harmony. Behind the curtain, however, the company’s management will force out a Black, transgender cast member simply because they stood up for themselves.”

According to the complaint, in June, Reid “made a legally protected request” for access to a gender neutral dressing room at the Hollywood Pantages, which is home to the Los Angeles production.

Reid then alleges that “weeks later”: “Hamilton suspended the renewal of Reid’s contract, sidelining them during rehearsals, previews, and finally opening night and beyond.”

The producers of Hamilton have denied and countered the accusations: “Suni Reid was a valued cast member for more than three years. We offered them a contract to return to Hamilton with terms responsive to their requests. We deny the allegations in the charge.”

The production also claims that they provided Reid with financial support, housing and respect: “We have not discriminated or retaliated against Suni. Since the shutdown, our organisation has taken care of our community. We have treated Suni with the same respect and consideration as all the company members of Hamilton. Specifically, we have given Suni direct financial support, paid for their health insurance, and paid for their housing. We wish Suni well in their future endeavours.”

Reid’s complaint also alleges they were harassed by other members of the cast and crew “including incidents in which certain actors physically threatened Reid or intentionally and repeatedly mis-gendered them”.


Reid has played a number of roles in the various productions of the show including Aaron Burr and George Washington.


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