Tisha Alyn went all in on content creation. She hasn't looked back

Tisha Alyn realized her potential as an entertainer and now presides over a social media following of more than 1.3 million.

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If you’ve set foot on a golf course over the past two years, you’ve likely noticed the obvious: The game is booming. That includes women, too, but the momentum is apparent in another realm: leadership roles. As you’ll see in this package — in which we’ll feature eight women in the game — many prestigious jobs in the sport are now occupied by females. From holding down national, front-facing gigs to excelling behind the scenes at golf’s biggest equipment companies, women are making their mark in fields traditionally dominated by men. At GOLF, we celebrate the essential role these women play in making the game better, and more inclusive, for all of us.


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On the tee: Tisha Alyn, Social Media Influencer

What’s it like to be Tisha Alyn? The first time Alyn met Phil Mickelson, Lefty congratulated her for “crushing the internet.” That’s just one of many “pinch-me” moments the pro-golfer-turned-social-media-influencer has experienced since she devoted herself to content creation full time in 2018.

“I went all in, and I never looked back,” Alyn says.

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In the early days of Instagram, she was fresh off a golf scholarship at Cal State Fullerton and a newly minted pro who thought it would be fun to document her journey online. She started with swing videos, then a trick shot gained attention. But Alyn’s first legit viral hit was a video of her dancing. Though she didn’t expect much to come of it, the response was overwhelming and the followers arrived in multitudes. Alyn quickly realized her potential as an entertainer, and now, just a few years later, she presides over a social media following (Twitter, Instagram and TikTok) of more than 1.3 million.

The benefit of all those eyeballs is the opportunity to establish a lucrative business built on her personal brand. Her team now includes her agent/manager, a videographer, photographer and video editor. For 2022, Alyn’s full-year partnerships include high-profile companies AT&T, Fitbit, Cobra-Puma and Cisco. She’s also done short-term deals with brands like Michelob Ultra and Bank of America.

So what does an influencer actually do? The answer: a lot. Alyn’s days are filled with extensive travel to events, interviews, hosting, appearances, entertaining, brand promotion and, of course, posting.

“The beauty of this job is that it’s my hours, it’s my life. I can create what I want to create within the means of my deliverables,” Alyn says. “But the other side of it is, I am never sleeping. It’s always: What’s next?”

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