Three reasons the Chiefs will reach the Super Bowl again … and two reasons why they won’t

Everyone loves a good “Will they or won’t they?” storyline. In fact, the drama that lies within that question is behind almost every meaningful story ever told. Will Ross and Rachel end up together? Luke and Lorelai? And some of the best “will they or won’t they?” stories have nothing to do with romance. Will Frodo destroy the One Ring? Will Harry manage to destroy the Horcruxes? Will The Avengers continue to make Marvel incredible amounts of money? Our need to get the answer to that very basic question is why we watch.

Which brings us to the Kansas City Chiefs and their rather tumultuous 2021 season. The Chiefs entered the year as a Super Bowl favorite, and after a shaky start to the season, they have looked the part over the past couple months. The question for them now is what they will do in the playoffs. Will they live up to their preseason billing and make a deep run, or won’t they?

With Super Wild-Card Weekend upon us, it’s a good time to look at why the Chiefs will — or won’t! — make it back to the Super Bowl for the third consecutive year. There are a number of reasons Kansas City should be favored in every game it plays, but there are also very real concerns as well.

Why they will: Mahomes has hit his groove

It has been interesting to observe how Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is perceived by the media these days. Much of the conversation surrounding the fourth-year starter is that he has had a down year. And perhaps, by his lofty standards, he has (depending on which evaluator is assessing him).


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