Thompson: Stephen Curry, 5.1 seconds and the value of keeping it simple

The glow was still visible on Stephen Curry after the game, which ended with a career achievement. He was noticeably different from the night before, when he took the podium to explain why the Warriors had tricked off a winnable game against the Pacers. On this Friday night, he was quite literally shining. Not from making the first game-winning buzzer-beater of his career. But from the ropes of ice around his neck.

Subconsciously, the Warriors point guard illustrated a necessary philosophy with his fashion, one that would save the Warriors from another embarrassing loss. No hats. No jacket. No busy shirt or complicated style. For whatever reason, Curry opted for a white crewneck hoodie, a perfect and plain backdrop for the two diamond necklaces he would showcase. Because, sometimes, simple just works. When in possession of something special on its own merits, sometimes the best way to showcase it is to strip away all of the noise around it. Let it be great.

Maybe Curry’s fashion statement was to his team.

The Warriors beat the Rockets — avoiding the entire Bay Area twerking on the panic button — because with the game tied at 103, their offense became as basic as a white crewneck sweater. And Curry shined.

“That was the play,” Steve Kerr said. “Get the ball to Steph and get out the way.”

Curry received the inbound pass on the right wing. The Warriors didn’t bother running him off screens. Didn’t even bother setting a pick to hunt for a big man, as they love to do.


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