After Blue Jays games at the Rogers Centre, back when I was attending them on a regular basis in 2018-19, they use leaf blowers to assist in the cleanup, pushing all the bits of garbage and debris out from all the crevices under the seats and between the aisles, in theory, making the cleanup more efficient.

That process begins as soon as fans have cleared the stadium, but not before reporters have. Usually, we would be in the press box, trying to file stories to the tune of multiple leaf blowers. Let me tell you, a leaf blower is high on the list of sounds you don’t want to hear while trying to file on a deadline.

But, I have to admit, after more than a year of working on postgame stories from my living room, with only the familiar faint hum of my computer, TV and fridge, the thought of those leaf blowers blasting sounds pretty sweet right now.



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