Doctors, nurses and other workers on the frontlines of the fight against the coronavirus are clinging to dwindling supplies of personal protective equipment (or PPE) needed for safe treatment. The mask situation has grown so dire, the Centers for Disease Control recommends healthcare workers without alternative options use “homemade masks” like bandanas or scarves to protect themselves.

Seamus, which is based out of Beaverton, Ore., is ramping up mask production in the interim and asking those in need to reach out.

“If you are on the frontline and would like an emergency kit, please email [email protected],” the letter on the website said. “We are using our materials and constructing (the masks) in a way that each of these individuals are requesting to use as a last resort.  They have confirmed that what we are making is better than what they are resorting to use.”

Over the weekend, Seamus shared a photo of a mask prototype they had produced. As of now, they are ramping up production to as many as 5,000 masks in a three day period, or just shy of 1,700 masks per day.

Seamus’ announcement comes just days after several prominent New York City fashion designers announced similar plans to manufacture masks. In New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a call to action to any companies capable of joining the effort to “be creative to supply the crucial gear our healthcare workers need.”

As for their business, the Seamus online store is temporarily closed. If you’ve already placed an order, Seamus says they’re honoring all transactions made before the shutdown. Customers who have questions about the status of their order can contact customer service via email at [email protected]

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