My house doesn’t have an air conditioner, and needless to say, it’s been hot working from home this summer. When I decided to invest in fan, I knew I wanted something that was also a purifier. I have bad dust allergies, and purifiers really help relieve them, which is why I ultimately decided on the Blueair Blue Pure Purifying Fan ($300). I already own and love the brand’s popular purifier, so I knew this one would be a good choice.

So, what sets it aside from other fans? Unlike traditional options, this one sucks up normal air, and only blows out cool and clean air. The smart device removes over 99 percent of airborne dust and pollen particles. This way when I have it blowing in my face, which I love on hot days or when I’m sleeping, the air doesn’t irritate my skin or allergies.

What I love most about it is that this is the brand’s newest model which works on auto mode. The device is actually smart enough to sense the air quality in the room, and will blow faster if it detects more air pollutants to clean it. That way you can simply plug it in, and just let it do the work. Plus, its energy star efficient technology uses low energy, less than a light bulb, so you can leave it running throughout the day. Keep reading to shop it and a few of the brand’s bestsellers.



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