This Electric Porsche 911 Has A Smartphone-Controlled Tailpipe

Everrati, a UK-based electric car specialist, this week revealed its latest creation, a 964-generation Porsche 911.

The car is powered by a 53kWh battery pack, has a claimed range of over 150 miles, and outputs 500 horsepower.

It weighs slightly less than when it was powered by internal combustion – partly thanks to the use of carbon fiber body panels – and can sprint to 60mph in under four seconds. DC fast charging means the battery can be topped up from 10 percent to almost full in an hour.

But what sets this car apart from a growing range of electrified classics is the pair of tailpipes sprouting from under the rear bumper. Linked to a smartphone application, the mock exhaust emits a sound reminiscent of the flat-six engine the Porsche was born with.

The app can be used to adjust the volume but also the pitch and other parameters to tailor the sound to the driver’s preference. For now I have only heard the Everrati 911 idling in a car showroom, but will get to experience the sound more when I drive the car next month.

Away from the app-controlled exhaust, this 911 treads a path already carved into tho automotive landscape by other 964 restorers and modifiers, like Singer and Theon. The finish is beautiful, the wheel arches are flared, and the interior is top-notch, complete with acres of leather and plush, electronically-adjusted seats. There’s also climate control and a modern infotainment system from Porsche itself.

While weighing slightly less than the 1,450kg original (Everrati doesn’t give an exact figure), the 911 puts out double the power now hydrocarbons have been replaced with electrons. Joining the 500 horsepower is a torque output of 368 lb ft, and a certain reassurance from knowing the weight distribution has crept forward, thus dialling down the original’s occasionally wayward reputation.

One-pedal driving is possible thanks to an adjustable regenerative braking system, and the car has been developed with the help of British Touring Car champion Tim Harvey. Chassis enhancements include a revised suspension and ventilated performance brakes from Brembo.

The car is priced from £250,000, plus tax and the cost of providing a donor vehicle. The first examples are due to be delivered in late 2021.


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