Conkel developed about 25 models at first, priced them between $45-$75 and launched his site and Instagram page where the putter head covers can be purchased.

If customers are quick enough, apparently.

“It’s blown up — we can’t keep them stocked,” Conkel said. “Everyone’s asking, ‘Hey, do you have that red Air Force 1.’ ‘Sorry, we’re sold out.’ We’re trying to get more inventory to accommodate people’s wants.”

Younger golfers have helped, he says. Younger professionals, too, such as Keegan Bradley, who wears the Jordan Brand and was one of Conkel’s inspirations. And there’s the player who just really likes golf and really likes a shoe.

“Someone who I think is 30 now, they had a Space Jam Jordan 11. He was like, ‘Hey, I grew up with these shoes, they’re all worn down, they’re still my favorite. He sent us a picture of them, and we said, ‘Awesome, we’ll make this work.” Conkel said. “He had an awesome story. We went online, tried to find them, found a pair of black Jordans that were close. We had our customizer add some blue flair to it. It wasn’t the exact shoe he wanted, but it was more just for him personally, just the memory of it. ‘These are close to the shoes I have.’

“For most people, this is more of a conversation piece, too. They want it on their bag, hoping people notice.”

Which Conkel himself purposefully set up a few weeks ago.

Another reason for his head cover’s popularity is “golf is getting more relaxed,” he says. Golf courses allow shorts. You don’t have to tuck in your shirt. You see a few T-shirts out there.

And Conkel saw a couple of those dudes.

“It was in Nashville, and there were these two burly looking guys. They didn’t look like golfers, but I noticed they had basketball shoes on. They weren’t golf shoes, they were basketball shoes,” Conkel said. “So obviously I thought they might say something, but I intentionally put my bag down next to them and I hit two golf balls and they go, ‘Dude, where did you get that?’ …

“I was like, ‘Dang, people want these.’ Let’s give the people what they want, right?”

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