If there’s one thing we can rely on to bring us a little much-needed wonder and joy, it’s a full moon, and in 2021, there are a lot of them to look forward to seeing! There’s nothing better than looking up at the sky and seeing a gorgeous full moon to put things into perspective and remind us of life’s simple pleasures, and with our monthly guide of when to expect them, you won’t miss a single one this year. For 2021, we can expect a full moon toward the end of every month. The first one of the year will be on Jan. 28, so be sure to grab your camera (or, you know, just remember to look up that night) and embrace the beauty of a celestial, glowing full moon. Depending on where you live, the moon will be visible at different times of day, so be sure to check out The Old Farmer’s Almanac to figure out when you can view the full moons in your region.



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