There is still pride at Derby, hope that things will get better – the other option is unthinkable…

Despite everything — the crippling debts, the deducted points, the late winners conceded at home — they still believe in Derby.

They believe in their talented youngsters, they believe in their manager, they believe that someone will see how many of them turned up on a bitter night in late November — 20,000, even though they are bottom of the table, with only one point — and think, yes, there is a club that is worth more than sum of its debts.

It is a belief the Pride Park faithful share with Derby County’s joint administrators, Andrew Andronikou, Andrew Hosking and Carl Jackson, the three insolvency experts from business advisory firm Quantuma, who have been running the club since September 22.

That was when former owner Mel Morris, a local boy made good, decided enough was enough. He was £200 million down at that point, not that any of the locals at Pride Park on Monday have anything good to say about him.

The view from the stands is it was his unbending belief in his own infallibility that got Derby into this state: a limbo where all they have is their faith that things will get better, even if that means their next match on Sky Sports will be against Accrington Stanley or Shrewsbury Town, and not the likes of Queens Park Rangers, Monday’s visitors, another Premier League-ready side in repose.


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