When Wolverhampton Wanderers take on Crystal Palace on Friday night, it’ll be their first game played behind a pay-per-view wall, with viewers required to pay £14.95 for the privilege of watching it on BT Sport Box Office.

There’s an obvious dilemma for supporters. Pay what many deem to be an extortionate price to watch a match that would until recently have been “free” on a subscription service? Boycott the game and donate to a Wolverhampton food bank instead?

If only, for Wolves fans in particular, there was a mystery option C — only pay to watch the second half.

Wolves’ first-half/second-half disparity in terms of goals, being ahead in games and, well, entertainment, has been going on for a while now. At first, it could be brushed off as an incidental oddity, but after several months (and in some cases, years) of patterns, it deserves greater scrutiny.

First, the stats. Of Wolves’ last 16 league…



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