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The Two James Bond Movies Monica Bellucci Auditioned For (And Didn’t Get) Before Landing Spectre

Part of the reason the James Bond movies have such good behind-the-scenes stories to share is the fact that there are so many who’ve auditioned to be a part of that world who either didn’t get in or found their way in later. That’s not only true with the men who could have been Bond, but also some of the supporting characters in 007’s adventures. 

No one knows that better than series vet Colin Salmon, who played the role of Robinson during the Pierce Brosnan era of James Bond. What’s even more interesting is in a recent interview with the Spyhards Podcast (opens in new tab), Salmon revealed that was also the case with Bond Woman Monica Bellucci. Before ultimately landing the role of Lucia Sciarra in Spectre with Daniel Craig, the actor had unsuccessfully auditioned for two consecutive films in the Pierce Brosnan era.


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