The Top 10 Law & Tech Stories of 2022 Countdown – 1. The Next … – JD Supra

1. The Next Era of Litigation

This year, a year of platform fatigue, security, associates demanding new higher standards for litigation technology, and an erosion of the digital divide necessarily portends the arrival of Next Era of Litigation. Attorneys and their client are looking for a more secure, more familiar, more intuitive, more efficient virtual environment than the mass-market videoconference platforms that were hastily deployed during the pandemic. A platform that delivers an intuitive videoconferencing interface and evidence management system, but with a level of formality and security befitting the litigation and dispute resolution processes is imminent.  A platform that employs role and party-based identifications to facilitate secure and efficient and more fruitful chats is vital. A platform that makes life easier for attorneys and eliminates costs, both direct and indirect, associated with litigation is becoming fundamental.  And of course, all of this foretells of a powerful antidote to systemic access to justice challenges. 



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