The fire alarms went off at Nationals Park all night Saturday while the Nationals were in Miami and their broadcast group was in Washington, the type of hellish parade preceding another equally atrocious mark: 19-31. A year ago — or is it 100 by now? — the Nats stumbled to the same record before a historic turnaround led to them winning the World Series.

The 19-31 start became an integral storyline of their 2019 season, so much so that it was intertwined with their championship ring ceremony.

A year ago, 19-31 was improbable, the word used as the title of the team-produced documentary that chronicled the World Series run. Now? After a 7-3 loss to the Marlins? It’s just embarrassing.

“We know we can’t start 19-31 again,” catcher Yan Gomes said in July.

He was right: They couldn’t start that way in a 60-game season. But they could finish it that way. “Finished” might not be quite the right word for…



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