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Typically, most weapons in video games only do one thing, two things tops. That’s not unreasonable; a sword slashes things, a gun shoots things, a grenade goes boom, and so on. However, there are some weapons in video games that aren’t satisfied with only doing one thing.

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Some do three things, some do four things, and some do so many things that it would take an entire spreadsheet to list them all out. These weapons are so ridiculously multifunctional that you’d probably never need to use anything else. Having anything else in addition to these weapons would just be kind of redundant.


10 Jak’s Morph Gun — Jak 2

In the original Jak and Daxter game, Jak was a purely melee-focused combatant. He punched, he kicked, and that was all he needed to do. After getting dropped into the futuristic dumpster fire that is Haven City, however, Jak swiftly discovered that his fists were no longer sufficient.

Luckily, he got his hands on a Morph Gun, a mass-produced firearm that can assume a variety of forms through the use of special mods. With a flip of the switch, the barrel, sights, body, and ammo types of the weapon could change entirely. Thanks to the Morph Gun, Jak could carry at least four different weapons on his person in one convenient package.

9 Keyblades — Kingdom Hearts Series

Keyblades are magical weapons, intended first and foremost to protect the realms from existential threats like the Heartless. While they may be primarily used as blades and bludgeons, a skilled Keyblade wielder can get a little more creative.

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Sora was first able to change his Keyblade’s form and properties by attaching different keychains to the hilt, but by Kingdom Hearts 3 he had mastered the art of shapeshifting his Keyblade entirely. He could transform it on the fly into a shield, a rocket launcher, a spear, and so much more. It pays to have a childlike sense of wonder when your weapon can be anything you can think of.

8 Peacock’s Avery Unit — Skullgirls

When Peacock was undergoing procedures to become an Anti-Skullgirl weapon, she was implanted with a pair of special synthetic parasites: the Argus System and the Avery Unit. The Avery Unit in particular was meant to allow her to warp space on a small scale, which in turn would allow her to call up weaponry from Lab 8’s vast underground arsenal.

However, due to Peacock’s surprising compatibility with the unit, this ability developed further, allowing her to transform and manipulate the items she summoned. This is where her gang of cartoon cronies came from; with access to Lab 8’s weapons and an overactive imagination, Peacock can manifest just about any weapon and imbue it with cartoony properties.

7 Mega Man’s Mega Buster — Mega Man Series

While Rock wasn’t originally built to be a combat robot, when Dr. Light had to modify him to battle Dr. Wily, he wanted to make sure he could survive in just about any situation. This is why he developed the original Variable Weapon System present in Mega Man‘s Mega Buster arm.

By copying data from defeated Robot Masters, the Mega Buster can assume a variety of forms and fire off many kinds of ammunition. However, unlike the solar-powered shots the regular Buster fires, these only work for so long before needing a reload. It was this original system that would also form the basis for Mega Man X’s own Variable Weapon System.

6 Pandora — Devil May Cry 4

After defeating Dagon and destroying the Hell Gate in Fortuna Castle, Dante received this highly unusual Devil Arm. While it only appears to be an ornate briefcase at a glance, Pandora is capable of transforming into 666 different kinds of weapons — a natural fit for Dante and his free-flowing fighting style. Pandora’s transformations include, but are very much not limited to, spinning blades, a gatling gun, a rocket launcher, and even a full artillery seat.

Ironically though, Pandora’s strongest form may be its default briefcase form. Simply popping it open unleashes a powerful light that, through unknown means, completely obliterates anything unfortunate enough to be standing in front of Dante.

5 The Axiom Disruptor — Axiom Verge

When scientist Trace finds himself stranded in a mysterious alien world, he manages to obtain a bizarre biomechanical weapon known as the Axiom Disruptor. This unusual device can fire off laser shots like a typical rifle, but it can be upgraded with numerous other, deadlier functions — including creating energy buzz saws and various explosives.

Perhaps the most useful ability of the Disruptor, though, is Address Disruptor. This allows Trace to quite literally “hack” reality, warping the space around creatures and terrain into even more unusual, but often more beneficial, forms.

4 God Arcs — God Eater Series

In the God Eater series, a large portion of the Earth is dominated by Aragami, giant monsters made up of Oracle Cells. These cells are perpetually ravenous, devouring any matter that gets close to them. To combat these gigantic threats, the Fenrir Organization created the God Arcs, large weapons embedded with Oracle Cells. The presence of the cells in a God Arc actually gives it life, and it’s just as hungry as the Aragami, able to manifest a mouth to take a bite out of them.

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When properly fed, the God Arcs grant power to their wielders, transforming into a variety of melee and ranged weaponry. Even the bullets they fire in their ranged modes can be subtly tweaked and customized with a variety of shot patterns and effects.

A sign of the futuristic technology prevalent throughout the Mass Effect universe, the Omni-Tool is a wrist-mounted device that can project a variety of tangible holographic constructs. Most of these are utilitarian in purpose, such as a flashlight, a scanner, and a fabricator, but with a bit of tinkering, the Omni-Tool can also be a deadly weapon.

The basic Omni-Tool weapon is the Omni-Blade, a potent melee option, but it can also be used to create barriers, launch plasma projectiles, deploy electric shocks, and even fire off an ersatz freeze ray.

2 Laptop Gun — Perfect Dark

As a secret agent, Joanna Dark understands the importance of subtlety — at least on occasion. Luckily, the Carrington Institute has no shortage of mechanical marvels available, both overt and subtle. One device that falls into both categories is the discreet Laptop Gun, a submachine gun cleverly disguised as an innocuous laptop PC. No one will think twice about you carrying it around with you, which is why they’ll be so surprised when it folds out into a gun.

Additionally, the Laptop Gun can be thrown onto any flat surface, where it’ll deploy into an autonomous sentry gun. Really, the only thing the Laptop Gun can’t do is be a halfway decent laptop. It only has about a fourth of the processing power of an actual laptop, so you probably couldn’t do anything more complicated than checking your email on it.

1 Soul Edge — Soul Series

While the Evil Sword Soul Edge is most commonly seen in its giant zweihander form, courtesy of its time with Siegfried, its amorphous, magical nature allows it to shapeshift into just about any other weapon you could think of. Typically, when a new person takes up ownership of Soul Edge, it’ll shift into a form most comfortable for that person to wield. Just another little trick it uses to lure in new souls for it to devour.

Soul Edge has been seen transforming primarily into bladed and bludgeoning weapons througout the Soul series (that includes Soulcalibur), but considering its ability to mimic Cervantes’ pistol sword, it likely would not be out of the question for it to mimic various kinds of firearms as well.

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