Face angle: “Face angle is where the face is at impact. That’s 0.0, so that’s going to create a very straight ball. I want that under one, too.”

Swing plane: “Swing plane is the number I look at the most with my coach Darren May. We want that number to be very consistent and as low as it possibly can. Anything above 54, something has happened. I don’t like when that number gets high. When I’m not swinging my best, that number might be 56 or 57.”

Trackman defines swing plane as “the vertical angle between the ground and the circle that the club head travels on during the bottom portion of the swing arc.”

Carry distance: Known as the distance the ball travels through the air, Bradley pointed out he likes his number to be between 193 and 194 yards with a 6-iron. His total of 192.9 yards is pretty close.

Spin rate: Spin rate is defined as the rate at which the ball is spinning after impact. “I always look at the spin rate on every shot I hit,” said Bradley. “I always want my spin to be at the number of the club you’re hitting. So for a 6-iron, I want it to be around 6,000 [rpm]. Again, off a mat, you never know.”

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