One look at Goel’s broad-grinned face and “I was just like, excuse my language, but this kid is the sweetest f–king kid in the world,” Sasso said of the UCLA grad, who once ran for governor of California, vowing to ban social media for those under 18. “He just looks like a handsome guy and you could tell he has a heart of gold.”

Adept at “feeling people’s energy,” Sasso continued, “As soon as I met Shoobs, I was like, ‘Man, this is my dude, and we’re going to go all the way together.’ And we did.” It was that assurance that solidified their bromance for Goel. Landing in eighth place out of eight after the players ranked each other on night one, “I was s–ting it,” he admitted. “I was telling everyone, ‘Guys, it was a pleasure, I think they’re booting me.'” 

Then Sasso chimed in “saying, ‘Shoobs, bro, we’re making this to the end. Don’t worry,'” Goel reflected. “That was such a special moment. I think that was really the foundation for it all.”



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