The Bruins-Canadiens rivalry is dead, but Brad Marchand’s hat trick is forever

It is no longer accurate to call Bruins vs. Canadiens a rivalry. The JV Habs have about as much chance of competing with their cross-border counterparts as a newbie gambler has of taking down the house.

Lukas Vejdemo, Laurent Dauphin and Michael Pezzetta, in other words, cannot be considered rightful successors to P.K. Subban, Mike Komisarek and Maxim Lapierre. It helps to have heard of players before they can be considered rightful villains.

It’s no surprise, then, that the Bruins swiped a 5-1 win Wednesday over the ha-ha Habs. Nothing less would be expected. The teams are simply not on level ice.

Montreal, for example, has nobody like Brad Marchand. Not just in terms of talent, but also in the competitive department.

Marchand would have been excused from his usual dark-alley assignments. Two nights earlier, Nic Dowd of the Capitals raked Marchand across the face with enough force to break his nose. Marchand needed, by his recollection, five or six stitches. On Wednesday, the area around his left eye was purple.

“I’m just happy it wasn’t my teeth,” Marchand said before the game. “I can deal with a broken nose. But missing these beautiful teeth of mine, that would have hurt.


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