Throughout a year when much of the world is inclined, and at times mandated, to remain at home, comfort is sought in the small things. While Proust said it best, perfumers continue to promote odor-evoked memory. Clinically proven to increase serotonin and calm anxieties, home fragrance is a minor touch that can create a much warmer atmosphere, even when staying in feels blue.

Sometimes you may be unable to see any forest through the trees, but lighting one of these candles to will make you feel like you’re in the cozy wilderness of fall. 

Mad et Len Figue Noire

The niche French brand describes this scent as, “Dusk under a wild fig tree.” With notes of sandalwood, cedar, and fig, this smells like the early days of fall. The black metal components are each molded and welded by hand. And if burning wax just isn’t for you, Mad et Len has a range of crystal, amber, and lava rock potpourri to make you wonder how you ever used a reed diffuser.

Byredo Apocalyptic

While the name of the candle is a perfect pairing for 2020, the scent of the candle is also a perfect pairing for fall. Black raspberry, dark woods, and papyrus creates the ideal ambiance to take you out of dystopia.

Krigler Hermitage Heritage

This decadent woody citrus candle will make you wish you were at the Winter Palace. The historic fragrance is an ode to Albert Krigler’s favorite museum. “If you smell the noble, woody spicy note, you can visualize it as you walk through the famed rooms of the museum.” Anyone who’s ever been to the architectural crown jewel of St. Petersburg knows exactly what he’s talking about. And even if you haven’t been, you’ll understand when you light this.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Baccarat Rouge 540

One of the famed perfumer’s signature scents, a Baccarat Rouge candle will brighten up any room. A favorite among beauty editors and fragrance aficionados, Baccarat Rouge 540 finally comes in candle form. This scent pairs very well with a whiskey in a Baccarat Harmonie Tumbler.

Lumira Cuban Tobacco

This tobacco-citrus-cardamom scent is a dream. The niche brand is becoming an insiders’ favorite – especially Cuban Tobacco.

Even with an impressive 80-hour burn time, you’ll never want this to go out.

Astier de Villatte Jerusalem

The famous French fragrance house describes their best-selling Jerusalem scent as a wild-smelling pilgrimage through a celestial city. This rich and earthy candle will add a feeling of spirituality to any room. Think of it like a luxury incense.

Louis Vuitton Ecorce Rousse

When Louis Vuitton created scents, devout fans of the brand rejoiced. Écorce Rousse defines fall fragrance; the powerful duo of wood and leather sets the mood for cashmere sweaters and knee-high boots. The component comes with a custom leather handle for easy transport, making it the perfect accessory to take on a very fancy outdoor picnic.



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