Bold eyes defined the ‘60s makeup look. Color, sometimes bright, sometimes neutral, on the lids would be teamed with plenty of black eyeliner. This would not only feature on the upper and lower lashlines, it would be applied to the crease of the eye, and in a flick formation at the sides. It would also be drawn on under the eye as a lash shadow effect (famously an optical illusion used by Marilyn Monroe to give the appearance of bigger eyes).

All this going to prove that in this decade, more was always better, and the most glamorous of women of the time were in full agreement, from Twiggy to Elizabeth Taylor, Donyale Luna and Diana Ross. Now, with a modern take on the classic, PIXI offers a step-by-step to recreate the look at home.

One of the iconic ‘60s mod makeup looks worn by Twiggy, it’s synonymous with that decade. This bold eye features a statement shade paired with monochromatic details, and modernised with little nuances with blending for a slightly softer take on this look.

Step 1: Start with a neutral Matte base applied evenly across the lid as a base, a matte cognac brown shade would work on all skin tones.

Step 2: Create the frame of the shape with a creamy textured dark pencil in a rounded shape – draw ii in 1 clean line (practice on the back of your hand if you need to get the shape and pressure right). For a softer look, keep close/just above the natural crease of the eye, or for a statement look draw above the crease. The Pixi Eye Define Waterline is the perfect texture for a clean shape.

Step 3: Add a little loose powder under the eye to catch any fall out, and then add an aqua shade to achieve that true ‘60s look but any vibrant pastel shade would look fantastic with this method. Pat on the shade to give an even coverage, the blending comes later.

Step 4: Frame the eyes by tightlining the upper lashline and defining the upper and lower lash line with a black liner to add drama and create a beautiful balance to the look. Try adding a delicate flick at the outer corner of the eye to elongate and enhance.

Step 5: Gently blend out the curved line that creates the shape to soften. Curl the lashes and apply two full coats of volumizing mascara and add some single lashes to the outer corner of the eyes to really ramp up the ‘60s vibe.

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