The 2019 NFL Draft Guide is here.

And if you have a subscription to The Athletic, it is ready for download – for free.

This is a passion project. Each year, I start working on “The Beast” on June 1 and it requires 10 months to finish.

Will my rankings match up perfectly with where players are drafted? No, but that’s not how I hope you digest this publication. My mission is to paint the clearest picture possible of who the player is, what he does best and what he needs to do to stick in the NFL.

When your team drafts Southern Utah offensive lineman Marquez Tucker in the sixth round, you can turn to his report in the guide and get a better feel for his skill set and background – like how asthma kept him from playing football until high school.

I’m a believer in details. How many games did he start as a freshman? What was his three-cone at his pro day compared to the combine? What was his step-by-step journey to get here, knocking…



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